AAA Home Deals was founded by real estate veteran Tom Athanasios Halkias. With over 45 years "in the business" Tom has experienced many turbulent times within the real estate environment. He fully understands the current market trends and has successfully partnered with and advised many clients and investors on the purchase of all types of real estate transactions. Tom also has extensive experience in the management of residential, commercial and mix use properties in the geographical areas of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Rockland County. He has rented over 800 apartments and houses in the metropolitan area. He has bought, sold, rehabbed, leased, flipped and managed many properties in New York State. He has access to all types of real estate, to include, bank owned, pre-foreclosures and foreclosures.

This Is An Invitation For You, The  First Time Home Buyer

AAA Home Deals offers a variety of Residential Homes which are located within New York State. (There are also Residential and Commercial Properties available in other States which the Buyers / Investors will be serviced by our Affiliate Brokers)

Most properties offered by AAA Home Deals are “Off Market” “Unlisted” and at “Discounted Prices”.

There are also properties for sale by “Motivated Seller”(s) which the “Owner Needs To Sell Fast” at a discounted price!

There are some homes which are “Rent To Own” (Rent Now And Buy When You Qualify)

Some homes are available with “No Bank Qualifying” need, which means there would be  a “Seller/Owner Financing possibility ” and you can get in, even in case you have a “Low Credit Score

Buyer Requirement:  You will definitely need to have a Verifiable / Proof Of Income / Source


5 Benefits Of Selling Your House Fast In 30 Days Or Less, With No Hassle.

“List your house with AAA Home Deals, if it does not sell in 30 days or less, AAA will  buy it”  

It is true, selling your house takes of lot of preparation and hard work. By listing  your property with AAA Home Deals, some of the benefits to you are as follows:

1)    If your house does not sell within 30 days or less, AAA Home Deals, will buy it!. This way YOU eliminate the risk of the transaction falling through,  so you can focus on your next move.

2)    You will be able to move out whenever you are ready. You are not pressured by a buyer to close before you are good and ready to move.

3)    You can sell your house “as is” without having to make excessive repairs.

4)    AAA Home Deals Associates and / or Affiliates, will do its best to locate a new property for you whenever and wherever you get ready to relocate!

Fast cash availability

5)     One of the major benefits of enlisting your house with AAA Home Deals, is the availability of the fast cash. You will get cash on the date of closing; there is no need to wait for bank financing or any other such issue as the reliable investors have the cash in-hand to provide you when required.


For Investors / Entrepreneurs

AAA Home Deals also offers a variety of Commercial Properties such as:  Apartment Buildings / Land Developments / Strip Malls / Unfinished Development Sites / Hotels / Motels / Warehouses and more. These properties are located throughout the 50 States and many  are Off Market, Unlisted and Discounted / Distressed that may need light or heavy rehab which many times creates the opportunity  for Forced Appreciation and raises your ROI.

“The Best investment on earth is earth”  Louis Glickman

5 benefits of buying commercial real estate for your business

1.    LOW INTEREST RATES: Interest rates are still low and it is a great time to purchase now!

2.   REAL ESTATE ASSET: Commercial real estate is an asset that can appreciate! There is NO GUARANTEE and real estate is often a great investment!

3.   TAX BENEFITS: When buying commercial property, you also may secure some tax benefits. (Your CPA is probably the best advisor on that)

4.   CASH FLOW OPPORTUNITIES:  When you purchase commercial property that has space for tenants, you have oppor­tunities for additional cash flow through rental income.

5.   SECURITY: One of the main attractions of Investing In Commercial Property is its Security. Commercial Property is generally still there performing for you and when the economy is strong, Commercial Property grows in value and provides you with a steady income.


Tom Halkias